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Safety Equipment

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Multisafe No.08152
    *  A Heavy-Duty SAFETY Cutter for use by right- and lefthanders.
    *  Handle made of solid die-cast zinc.
    *  With automatic Blade Retract System and blade control slider on top.
    *  For horizontal cutting work only! "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY"

Profi No. 07152

    *   For use by right hander.
    *   Aluminum body, with spring-loaded Blade Retract System
        designed to respond to any uncontrolled move if and when
        the thumb-push slider is NOT in forward position – let go
        of the slider when making the cut!
    *  Easy blade change: No extra tools needed – just slide the
        blade mount insert back. "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY”

Ultrasafe No. 105142

    *  Ideal for the safe opening of plastic and paper sacks.
    *  The blade edge guard automatically shoots forward the
        moment the blade comes clear of the cut – and locks in
        the SAFE position even though the release remains
        depressed! The ULTRASAFE can be used by both right
        and left-handers. "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY".

Robust No. 06150

    *  A heavy-duty Cutting/Trimming Tool with die-cast zinc handle
       and retractable.
    *  Blade for use with rubber and leather.

Handy No. 445

    *   A Cardboard Box SAFETY Cutter for use in any salesroom.
    *  Unique "stay-to-cut / snap-back when done" AUTOMATIC
        blade retract feature! Let go of the slider when making the cut.
    *  With metal handle for use by right hander.

Optisafe No. 100145

    *  A truly "smart" knife! The ergonomic plastic body is fitted with
       a wear-resistant metal skid at the blade outlet.
    *  The blade push can be used by both right and left handed
        operators – it cuts both ways! "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY".
    *  Very difficult to defeat the safety system. Easy blade change:
        no extra tools required.

Genial No. 04156

    *   This Cutter features a double-sided blade push for use by
        right- and lefthanders.
    *  Solid aluminum handles in a non-fatiguing palm-fit design,
        ideal for work with protective gloves! With spring-loaded
        Blade Retract System for extra protection.
    *  Let go of the slider when making the cut.

Cuttograf No. 69791

    *  Deburring of "rounded" edges with revolving "contour-following"
    *  This Deburring Tool with patented blade lock can also be used
        when an adapter is installed.
    *  These CURVEX Blades are AUTOMATICALLY adjusting to the
        optimal deburring angle, thus preventing undue damage to a
        work piece, otherwise costly to restore!

Supertrim No. 87606

    *  The palm-fit handle provides for non-fatiguing and
        non-bruising work.
    *  The blade-lock of this model is identical with that of the

Combi No. 109137

    *  Combi offers two further advantages: A highly simplified blade
       change routine plus the integrated metal tin (removable) to slit
       cardboard box adhesive tapes Also for trouble free work with
       thick plastic sheeting, leather, plastic box strapping’s and, even,
       seat belts. Also available with stainless steel blade.
    *  IMPORTANT : Strapping’s always should be cut with a diagonal
        stroke! "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY".

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