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Safety Equipment

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Single Gas Detector
Pac 3500
  *  Accurate and easy to use, the Drger Pac 3500 is ideal for
     industrial personal monitoring applications. Providing quick
     detection of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide or oxygen, this
     robust single gas detector has a lifetime of 2 years and is made
     specifically to fit industrial safety requirements.

Single Gas Detector
Pac 5500
 *  Ideally suited for personal monitoring applications, the Drger
     Pac 5500 provides quick detection of carbon monoxide,
     hydrogen sulfide or oxygen. Accurate, reliable and easy to use,
     this small, ergonomic instrument has no lifetime limitation.

Single Gas Detector
Pac 7000
  * Small and robust, ergonomic and intuitive, economic and
     power-ful the Drger Pac 7000 is tailor-made for personal
     monitoring at the workplace. Featuring the latest sensor
     technology, this innovative single gas detector is equipped
     with a wide range of functions and is suitable for many
     different applications in day- to-day industrial settings.

Single Gas Detector
Pac Ex III
 * Pac III: The Most in a Single Gas Monitor The Pac III Monitor
    delivers the most! The loudest audible alarm, the largest display,
    the easiest to use electronics, and the smartest sensors. All of
    these features are found in this small and rugged gas monitor.
    Using DrgerSensor technology, the Pac III is the most versatile
    gas detection instrument because it can utilize any one of
    Drgers 30+ intelligent sensors, and quickly switch between them
    in the field. The DrgerSensors provide fast and accurate response
    to hazardous gas levels while the attention-getting alarms make
    sure you know the danger is present. The Pac III provides the most
    sensing and alarming capabilities of any single gas monitor in the
    industry today.

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