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Alcohol Detection
Alcotest 6510


  *  A cost effective handheld breath analyzer with a built in  microprocessor & full graphic display.  2 AA cells provide up to 1500 tests and a built in data logger can recall the last 10 measured values.

Alcohol Detection
Alcotest 6810

  *  The Drger Alcotest 6810 offers professional users precise and quick breath alco-hol analysis in a user-friendly and compact form. Thanks to its wide range of possible   configurations, the handheld instrument can be easily adapted to  meet different international regulations and guidelines. Because   the Drger Alcotest 6810 offers intuitive operation, it is easy to use   and precise measurement results can be obtained within a very   short period of time.

Alcohol Detection
Alcotest 7510

  *  The Draeger Alcotest 7510 is a compact and robust handheld breath alcohol measuring instrument, especially designed for advanced screening applications. Ideal for use by police as well as in commerce and industry as an alcohol screening device, it can also be used for evidential testing purposes, subject to relevant local and market sector approvals.

Alcohol Detection
Alcotest 7110 Mk III
  *  The Alcotest® 7110 MK III-C is proven evidential breath analyzer. It is the only evidential breath tester on the market whose source code has been reviewed by independent third parties and approved by a Supreme Court decision

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