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Safety Equipment

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Universal Lockout Device for Miniature Circuit Breakers
Model UCL-1

    *  Will Lock Out Most Types of Miniature
        Circuit Breakers.
    *  A wide variety of different brands and
        types of Miniature CB's – 1, 2, 3 or 4
        poles – can be locked out with this
    *  Made from durable plastics.

Universal Lockout Device for Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Model UCL-2

    *  Will lock out most types of circuit breakers
        with toggle thickness 5-13mm.
    *  Supports 1-4 pole Circuit Breakers 8mm
        Padlock Hole.

Universal Lockout Device for Earth Leakage CB' s
Model UCL-2-EL

    *  Made especially to lock out some
        brands of CB""s with short toggle.

Universal Lockout Device for Fuse Holders
Model UFL-2

    *  One size will lock out most types
        of fuse holders - 20Amp to 400Amp

Universal Lockout Device for Larger Type of Circureakers
Model UCL-5

     *  Will lockout most types of circuit
        breakers with toggle thickness
        between 12-19mm.

Plastic Lockout Hasp
Model SLH-70

  *  All Plastic Lockout Hasp.
  *  6 Padlock Holes 8.5mm diameter.
  *  Made from Heavy Duty Nylon.

Standard Scissor Lockout Hasp
Model SLH-42

    *  6 Padlock Holes up to 9mm padlock shackle.
    *  Plated Steel Lockout Hasp with Red Coating.
    *  28mm jaws.

Standard Scissor Lockout Hasp
Model SLH-44

    *  6 Padlock Holes up to 8mm padlock shackle.
    *  Plated Steel Lockout Hasp with Red Coating.
    *   38mm jaws.

Stainless Steel Lockout Hasp with Red Poly coating
Model SLH-30

    *  6 Padlock Holes up to 8mm padlock shackle.
    *  Made from Stainless Steel.
    *  30mm diameter jaws.

Stainless Steel Only Lockout Hasp
Model SLH-31

    *  6 Padlock Holes up to 9 mm padlock shackle.
    *  Made from Stainless Steel.
    *  30mm diameter jaws.

Standard Type Lockout Hasp
Model SLH-52

    *  6 Padlock Holes up to 9mm padlock shackle.
    *  Made from Stainless Steel.
    *  25 mm diameter jaws.

Lockout Device for Circuit Breakers - Permanently Mounted

    *  Lockout Device for Moulded Case Circuit
        Breakers, permanently mounted to the Circuit
        Breaker Cover/Escuteon Plate.

Cable Lockout Device Model MF-2 / MFL-2P
    *  Lockout Several Points.
    *  Plastic Housing with 5 mm PVC coated steel wire cable.
    *  Standard 1m cable included 4 padlock holes up to 8.5mm shackles.
    *  Cable Lockout with 1 metre Steel Cable Model MFL-2
    *  All PLASTIC Cable Lockout with 1 metre PLASTIC cable Model MFL-2P

Plug Lockout Bag Model PLD-1/ PLD-2/ PLD-3

    *  Heavy Duty Vinyl Bag with steel wire closing cord.
    *  4 Padlock holes up to 8 mm.
    *  Lockout bag for 240V and similar size electrical plugs, and/or pressure hoses. Model PLD-1.
    *  Lockout Bag for larger - 3 phase - Electrical Plugs Model PLD-2.
    *  Lockout Bag for large disconnect plugs and other large plugs Model PLD-3.

Electrical Plug Lockout Device Model PLD-11/ PLD-12

    *  Made from spark resistant High Impact ABS Plastic.
    *  Holds 4 padlocks up to 7mm shackle.
    *  Lockout most 240v plugs – economical Model PLD-11.
    *  Safely Lockout Plugs, including 3 phase electrical plugs and air hoses. Model PLD-12.

Economical Brass Lockout Padlock - Coloured Model SLP-150 series

    *  30mm Brass Padlock with Coloured Plastic Sleeves.
    *  50mm x 5 mm long Hardened Steel Shackle.
    *  ONLY available as KEYED DIFFERENTLY.
    *  Light Weight - only 95gsm - ‘Danger Do Not Remove’ label included.
    *  Solid Brass Case padlock available in 8 different colours.

Safety Lockout Plastic Padlock - Red Model SLP-450 series

    *  40mm Plastic / Stainless Steel Padlock with Colour Coding.
    *  50mm x 5long stainless steel shackle.
    *  Available Keyed Differently, Keyed Alike and Masterkeyed.
    *  Can be supplied with Logo, photo or Name.
    *  Key retaining – ensure padlocks are not left unlocked.
    *  High Security - 6 pin cylinder – large number of combinations.
    *  Corrosion and Chemical Resistant – suitable for harsh environments.

Lockout Stations Model LST-1/ LST-2/ LST-3/ LST-4/ LST-5

    *  Store all your Lockout Equipment in one place.
    *  Made from tough moulded propylene.
    *  Lockout Station - Basic - 5 padlocks. Model LST-1.
    *  Lockout Station –Medium Size -10 padlocks. Model LST-2.
    *  Lockout Station - Large Size - 20 Padlocks Model LST-3.
    *  Lockout Station - Medium with Valve Lockouts Model LST-4.
    *  Lockout Station - Large with Valve lockouts 20 padlocks Model LST-5.

Group Lock Box Model GLB-2/ GLB-3

    *  16 Padlock Holes.
    *  Portable, or can be wall mounted.
    *  Dimension: 200 x 150 x 90 mm.
    *  6 hooks included inside for keys to hang.
    *  Yellow/Clear Lid 16 Padlock Holes Model GLB-2-YLW.
    *  Red/Clear Lid 16 Padlock Holes Model GLB-2-RED.
    *  All Yellow 16 Padlock Holes Model GLB-3-YLW.
    *  All  Red 16 Padlock Holes Model GLB-3-RED.

Butterfly Valve Lockout Model BFL-1

    *  Lockout most sizes of Butterfly Valves.
    *  Made from Polypropylene.

Ball Valve Lockout Model BVL-1

    *  Can Lockout most Ball Valves 19 - 32mm (3/8" - 1 1/4").
    *  Will also lock valve in open position.
    * Made from Polypropylene.

Universal Valve Lockout Model UVL-1

    *  For precise closing and opening of all kinds of valves of various sizes
        and makes.
    *  Multifunctioning with the help of PVC coated steel cable.

Gate Valve Lockout Model GVL-1

    *  Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout - Economical Can lockout out
       Gate Valves up to 160mm diameter.
    *  Accommodations padlocks up 9mm shackle diameter.
    *  Made from tough ABS Plastic.

Gate Valve Lockout Model GVL-02/ GVL-04/ GVL-06/ GVL-08/ GVL-10

    *  Gate Valve Lockout - Up to 65mm/2.5" diameter handle  Model GVL-02.
    *  Gate Valve Lockout - Up to 125mm/5" diameter handle Model GVL-04.
    *  Gate Valve Lockout - up to 160mm/6.5" diameter handle Model GVL-06.
    *  Gate Valve Lockout - up to 250mm/10" diameter handle Model GVL-08.
    *  Gate Valve Lockout - up to 350mm/14" diameter handle Model GVL-10.

Gate Valve Lockout Set Model GVL-SET

    *  Gate Valve Lockouts - Set of 5 (GVL-02 to GVL-10).

Danger Tags / Warning Tags

    *  Heavy Duty Laminated Tag - Re-Usable - Can not be ripped. Pack of 5
    *  Our tags are made from a durable poly material which resists grease and water.
    *  All tags are our standard size 140mm x 75mm with an 8mm grommet to fit most padlocks.

Master Key

    *  Keyed Differently (Each Padlock has a different Key.
    *  In sets of Keyed Alike (All the padlocks in a set can be opened with the same key).
    *  With a Master Key (You get a group of Padlocks Keyed Differently, or different groups
       of Keyed Alike - The Masterkey will open them all.  There are many different ways the
       Master Key can be used – please see attached diagram)

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