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Personal Protective Equipment

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Disposable Nitrile Gloves Model SHN-001

    *  It offers hand and material protection with a keen sense of touch and great dexterity.
       The soft elastic materials enable long use. 100% nitrile gives better puncture and abrasion resistance.
    *  Semi conductor protection Electronic Industry Aerospace Industry Car and Motorcycle
       Industry Protection of product.
    *  Length 25 cm. Thickness 4 mil.
    *  Size Available S, M, L

Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves

    *  Resistance to abrasion, snags and punctures, longer wear and better protection than
        nature rubber gloves.
    *  Resistance to wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, greases, oils and most solvents.
    *  Good Grip-patterned palm ensuring good grip in both wet and dry conditions.
    *  Comfort-anatomically shaped ensuring comfort and reducing hand fatigue.
    *  Does not contain latex protein.
    *  Select suitable gloves for relevant applications.
    *  Before use ensure that the gloves are free of holes, punctures, worn surface, etc.

Neoprene Blended Bi-Color Gloves Model SHNEB-001    
*  Neoprene provides broad-spectrum protection against a wide range of chemicals,
        including oils, acids, caustics and solvents. It is chemically toughened to increase
        chemical and abrasion resistance over ordinary neoprene gloves. Curved fingers
        and contoured palm enhance flexibility and maximum comfort.
    *  Natural Rubber.
    *  Cotton Flock-Lined.
    *  Thickness 0.53 mm /21 mil.
    *  Length 330 mm. / 13”.
    *  Size Available 7,8.

Solvotril Full Coated Safety Cuff Nitrile Gloves Model SHN-002

    *  These gloves have tough coating of acrylonitrile on a brushed jersey cotton liner. Excellent resistance to
        abrasion, cuts, punctures and tears. Outstanding fit, glove "moulds" to the contours of the hand. It also
        has good resistance to oils and greases and provides a good wet and dry grip.
    *  Plant maintenance handling of prefabricated materials Packaging, shipping and receiving Construction
        industries automotive industries.

Nitile Foam Gloves Model SHNF-700

    *  General purpose glove.
    *  Nitrile foam palm coated.
    *  Seamless 13G nylon liner 280 denier.
    *  EN388 : 4131.
    *  Excellent grip in wet / slightly oily surface.
    *  Durability.
    *  Breathability.
    *  Abrasion resistance.
    *  Application for Automotive assembly, Electronics, General maintenance
       Light assembly, Packing & transportation, Photo / optical goods, Plastics moulding .

Water-Based PU Foam Gloves Model SHPU-900

    *  General purpose glove.
    *  Water-based PU foam palm coated.
    *  Seamless 13G nylon liner 280 denier.
    *  EN388 : 4122.
    *  DMF, DOP-ZERO.
    *  Durability.
    *  Breathability.
    *  Excellent grip.
    *  Application for Electronics, Food processing, Light assembly, Photo/optical goods
       General maintenance .


Argon Welding Gloves Model SHL-001

    *  Made from a Grade Domestic Side Leather, Smooth, elastic edge comfortable
       to wear and resists cuts and abrasion resistance.
    *  Size Available M , L.

Leather welding gloves Model SHL-003 / Model SHL-004

    *  Made of leather with cotton sock lining keep hands comfortable. Provide excellent heat, spark,
       and abrasion resistance.
    *  Available Size Long Leather welding gloves Length 14" Model SHL-003 And Short Leather Welding
       Gloves Model SHL-004.

Five Finger Leather Glove with Zip and Cotton Sock Lining Model SHL-007

    *  Designed special handling leather for use as working glove. Palm in velvet cow grain and
        back in cotton canvas. Safety Cuff made of stiff material provides good wrist protection and
        quick glove removal in emergency situation.
    *  Made of velvet cow grain leather with spun-bond lining inside.

Five Finger Leather Gloves/ Black Leather Glove in the Palm
Without   Zip inside and Cotton Sock Lining Model SHL-006
And with Zip inside and Cotton Sock Lining Model SHL-010

    *  Designed special for welders which protects from risk in cut and abrasion resistance by
        providing without zip inside fingertips model SHL-006 and with zip inside fingertips model SHL-010.
    *  Black leather glove in the palm. The soft cotton sock lining keep hands smooth and wrist comfortable
        to wear comfortable. It provides good wrist protection and quick glove removal in emergency situation.
    *  Made of velvet cow grain leather and spun-bond lining inside.

Argon Welding Gloves Model SHL-013

    *  Smooth Leather Gloves, Made From cowhide. Comfortable to wear and resists cuts
        and abrasions. They are gun cut and have keystone thumbs made by sewing materials
        into the glove with an extra patch on the crotch area for enhanced dexterity and service life.
    *  Size Available M,L.

Argon Welding Gloves Model SHL-020

    *   Made from yellow cowhide. Comfortable to wear and resists cuts and abrasions.
        They are gun cut and have keystone thumbs made by sewing materials into the glove
        with an extra patch on the crotch area for enhanced dexterity and service life.
    *  Size Available M, L, XL and XXL.

Heat & Cut Resistance Gloves
Aluminize Kevlar Gloves 16”

    *  Two styles of fully lined, 14 IN. Clute-style gloves with aluminized backs to shield
        your hands from dangerous burns.
    *  16-oz. /sq. yd. Aluminized Rayon gloves offer long-wearing leather palms, plus the
        insulating strength of a 22-oz. /sq. yd. wool inner lining. 13-oz. /sq. yd. Aluminized
        Carbon/Kevlar® gloves give you the security of 22-oz. /sq. yd. Kevlar/fiberglass
        across the palms. Interiors are fully lined with flame-retardant 9-oz. /sq. yd.
        Nomex® felt. One size fits all.

Heat & Cut Resistance Gloves
Themonal Kevlar gloves Model TH210-14F

    *  Kevlar Blend Heat Protection. Durable, flame retardant, cut resistant. Gloves are thermal blend
        and feature 14" length for added protection.
    *  Heat resistant: 1000 ๐F (537 C)

Heat & Cut Resistance Gloves
Kevlar Knitted gloves

    *  100% Kevlar knitted (7 gauge) gloves.
    *  Designed to increase cut and abrasion resistance.
    *  Gives moderate heat protection.

Kevlar Knitted Sleeve

    *  Double layered sleeve is knit from 100% Kevlar fiber for cut
        resistance and light duty burn protection.
    *  Thumb slot, the Kevlar knit sleeve provides flexible, comfortable
        protection for automotive, glass and metal fabrication application.

Cotton Gloves
    *  High quality gloves are made from 100% cotton. They offer softness and comfort.
    *  Available White and Gray Color

Nylon gloves
    *  Can be worn on either hand. Ideal for cleaning and assembly of mass spectrometer
        sources and other instrument parts.
    *  Available White and Blue Color.

TC Gloves
    *  General purpose glove.

Latex gloves
    *  Natural latex.
    *  Vulcanization system.
    *  100% hand inspected to ensure quality.
    *  Gamma sterilized.
    *  Pre-powder or powder-free.

Rubber insulation gloves
 *  The rubber insulation gloves are with natural rubber and are used for protection of electrical workers from electrical

Over Glove
     *  The protective gloves are recommended to use for preventing Rubber Insulating Glove from
         physical and mechanical damage, over the rubber gloves.

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