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Personal Protective Equipment

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Back Support Belt Model SH-BB-001

    *  Comfortable relief from lower back discomfort.
    *  Back Support Belt has a duo tension system for maximum abdominal support.
    *  Breathable knit mesh makes our back support belts very comfortable to wear.
    *  Back Support Belt encourages correct posture when lifting.
    *  1-1/4" extra wide support elastic suspenders with smooth glide adjustable clips
        allows back supports to easily fit any physique.
    *  Back Support Belt has fully enclosed spring steel stays for flexible contoured support.
    *  Easy adjustable elastic outer side panels for added lower back support.
    *  Available sizes are S,M,L,XL.

PVC Chemical Resistance Suit

    *  Tunic and Trouser made of PVC/Polyester/PVC 35mm for chemical resistant.
    *  Tough, lightweight protection in a coating of PVC/Polyester/PVC 35mm which
        will not crack or peel in temperatures of -30 oF to 120 oF. Stitched and thermal seams.
    *  Chemical resistant as the Fabric Properties Rating Chart. Resists abrasion, aging,
        sunlight, tears and snags.
    *  Yellow color.

Chemical coverall suit
    *  Coverall style with elasticity wrist and ankles.

PVC Apron
*  PVC apron size 70x110cm. Tough, lightweight protection in a coating of PVC which will
        not crack or peel, chemical resistant, resists abrasion, tears and snags.

Safety Boot Model SIL50S
    *  Chemical resistant boot designed for professional use and fully complies
        with EN345 standard.
    *  Made of PVC and Nitrile, has a steel toe cap, mid sole anti-perforation plate
        and anti-static.

    *  Handle and Tyvex Barrier Man garment and the difference are obvious.
    *  Tough, yet extremely light and soft, it’s clearly an unusual material.
    *  Invented and manufactured only by DuPont, Tyvek is made of millions
        of fine, continuous fibers of high-density polyethylene that are flash-spun
        and heat-bonded into a fabric that is permeable to air and water vapor.
    *  Tyvek breathes, yet repels water-based liquids and aerosols. It blocks
        particles and fibers down to sub-micron sizes, plus it’s non-linting and

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