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Protective Faceshield

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ArcFlash™ 9.9cal Faceshield Model 31202, 31201, 31200

  New 9.9cal ArcFlash™ Faceshield is now available!

  Protect yourself from low level arc flash hazards with the our new ArcFlash faceshield. Arc flash is created be an electric arc and can result   in an explosive condition releasing electromagnetic energy, fragments and molten metals that can cause serious injury. Our product has   a specially formulated anti-fog window that provides excellent color definition, giving the user the best possible PROTECTION and VISION   they need to perform their job.

  * 9.9 Cal/cm2 Arc Rating.
  * Specially formulated anti-fog window.
  * Modlded window providides the best possible clarity with adsolutely no distortion..
  * Excellent color definition.
  * Faceshield curves naturally to fit facial contours; ensuring reliable protection.
  * Available with or without hard hat, with a hard hat adapter or as a window by itself.
  * Meets ANSI Z87.1+ High Impact Standard.
  * Meet ASTM F-2178-06 Standards.
  * Meet NFPA 70E Standards.

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